The Dao Institute


Aleya's Meditations - Helping you clear blocks, addictions, and increasing your vibration, moving you into a more grounded, peaceful, protected state of being.

Toning Meditation Concerts - Aleya performs all over the country giving meditation toning concerts. A powerful trans formative experience.

Classes with Aleya - Aleya teaches weekend classes on The Seven Gateways and a workshop called Unraveling Unhappiness (Learning how to be compassionate and non reactive in the face of all challenges).

Private Sessions with Aleya - Aleya helps people using her clairvoyant skills, sound healing (Toning), and shifts the energy and emotions with thought intention, by viewing the body and the emotional states from several different dimensions, in order to gain clarity on why an imbalance is present, and how to shift it. Aleya works with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and all beings of love and light to alter the vibrations that surround you and create the reality you live in, into the reality you want to live in. Aleya has seven principles she uses in her work. Aleya explains how the energies in the other dimensions affect the physical dimension. She gives you a toolbox that can change your physical world and inner reality.

The Gaia Work - Energy Healing's with Aleya and Gia. Energy work for the planet.